Chapter 14 of ? (dreams and nightmares)

I want to forget this date – it makes no sense to me. Hurry up sleep, and take me to the castle.

Ah, safe again and I can relax in my private courtyard garden. The flowers bloom constantly attended by the critters that live and breathe comfort. The big ornate gate opens as if it is expecting me. One of these days, I need to see if there’s another way in.

Right now, the huge roses are yellow like a sunny day. I’m walking along the low wide stone fences that separate several gardens. On top of them reside the old forever-cherished guardian pets, each one resting on their soft pillow beds. Their eyes follow me as they wait their turn to be petted and talked to. I love them, and they know it.

On the ground, the kittens and puppies romp in play, dashing around my feet. Everything in sight is made of natural materials. Fine woods and smooth marble slabs create seating and tables. Wooden lattice sunscreens sit high above and move to adjust for heat or rain. Lush green grasses grow everywhere there’s not a flower or tree.

I don’t know what I’d do without this place. It’s been here for me as long as I can remember. Tonight I need to be close to someone – I need rest. Walking toward the Gardenia Garden, the fragrance draws me in. Once inside I lie down on the long wide bench open above to the stars. The mahogany is soft and molds to support my body. Watching the moon rise, I know my guardian will be here soon.

I feel myself being lifted up like a child and a huge being supporting my head against his chest. Listening to the slow rhythm of his heartbeat, I feel his warm breath filtering through my hair. For a fleeting moment, I remember my determination to shed the demons that rob me of clarity of purpose – for now, I am safe and rest in peace.