Chapter 12 of ? (first date?)

Oh, my gosh, I love this new living room! Mom finally saved enough money to buy some decent furniture, make new curtains and paint the walls. The most fabulous thing is the carpet! Even the boys are careful to keep it clean!

My friend, Carol, came over, “Hey, my boyfriend is coming into town next weekend and he wants to bring a buddy with him.” She’s a year older than me. “I thought maybe you’d like to go on a double date. We’re talking about going to the theater downtown then getting burgers later.”

“Oh, I don’t know, Carol, I don’t have anything nice enough to wear. Have you actually met his friend?”

“No, but he swears he’s a gentleman around girls, and we’d be together. Come on, it would be fun.”

After thinking for a second, “I’ll call you tomorrow.  I need to talk to Mom.” Carole seems anxious for an answer, so I ask her, “Can you go if I don’t go with you?”

“Well, actually – no. We can date as long as it’s at our house. Come on, this would be the perfect opportunity to actually go somewhere on a real date.”

“I’ll just have to call you tomorrow – we’ll see.” I noticed she crossed her fingers as she left. Maybe I won’t let her down.

It’s getting late, the kids are in bed and I’m doing my homework at the kitchen table. I told Mom earlier about Carol’s invitation.

Mom makes a fresh cup of decaf and cuts a thick strip of cheddar cheese to stir it with. Sitting down, she looks at me, “This might work out.”

Handing me a cheese bite, she says, “Find out what time you guys plan to leave and how long you’ll be gone. You’ll need a new dress to wear – can’t send you out on a special date wearing school clothes! There’s enough time for us to sew up something pretty.”

I’m not sure what I wanted her answer to be, so I just say, “Thanks, Mom, I’d choose you again!” I’m thinking, lame words – there’d that come from.

“Silly girl, finish your homework and go to bed?”