Chapter 11 of ? (chores homework)

Yesterday, I told Heather I would get some medical information on private girl things, like periods. Sure enough, the minute I get home from school, “Well, did you find anything about it today?”

“Yep, I made it to the counselor’s office before class. She knew exactly what I wanted. Here, she gave me one booklet to start with – if we have questions, we need to call. Don’t leave it laying around. Remember, Dad got pissed when he discovered Mom let us shave our legs.”  She took off to the bathroom and locked the door to read it – the only door in the house with a privacy lock.

This flexible sharing-chores thing is nice, but I’ve figured out somebody has to manage it! Okay, while she’s in there, I better go check what Mom put on the supper shelf in the refrigerator. We have to have supper cooked by six o’clock – let the boys have some play time outside, get their baths, check their school papers, straighten the house, set the supper table – and schedule homework time. Whew, two and a half hours that ends up feeling like minutes.

“Heather, why don’t you go ahead and get your homework done? I rather wait until after the boys go to bed.”

“I don’t have any.” Heather wasn’t looking at me.

I’m thinking this doesn’t make sense, “Go get your books and folders – spread them out on the kitchen table.”

“Good, keep an eye on the kids for a few minutes.”  I’m checking her books and going through each folder to see what she’s doing in class (sighing). No wonder she’s bored, she’s hardly doing any assignments. Oh my … I can’t deal with this today – she’ll just have to tell Mom herself.