Bluebonnet Spring

I have found that art and philosophy are inseparable. Creativity feeds the soul and philosophy tries to translate it into a written language. Probably the last thing this world needs right now is another opinion. As I experience the thoughts in my own mind, I force myself to remember that most every other conscious person is experiencing the same thing. Frequently, I wonder what the other person is thinking during any given encounter with me. More likely than not, they show signs of friendliness or courtesy. That’s nice for me! That led me to think about what impact I really have on the thoughts of other people. If we cross paths in life, do they benefit in any way from me being me? Do I add to their list of good memories?

When I get brave enough, I ask myself who I really am, and if I really care about myself or anyone else. My mind runs in circles as it adds random criteria of criticism for myself. Somehow, the closest answer I can find is that just about everyone else is more important. Somehow, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, because I have a rather strong personality and a healthy super-ego. That means, I really do like me most of the time, faults and all!

If you read this, like the Chinese cookie said, “You possess patience.” My endeavor is to talk about issues someone else cares about also; and to express anything in a context to encourage, heal, mend, or soothe feelings. There’s enough hate in this world, and I’m becoming almost allergic to it – something to avoid if possible. I am human, and I reserve the right to seek happiness, contentment and peace – with other people, nature and the land. You might like my post titled “In My Opinion ….” I hope so, because within that post is more of me and how I think. I welcome your comments – as I sort through the issues we share in America – both nationally and in our personal space.


6 comments on “About

  1. Caroline says:

    Finding who you really are is a great thing to do. Loving yourself is the most important thing – I believe. Because if you don’t love you first how can you truly love anyone else.

    I’ve had a lovely potter through your blog. Thank you

  2. Mandy says:

    I love this:
    “When I get brave enough, I ask myself who I really am, and if I really care about myself or anyone else. My mind runs in circles as it adds random criteria of criticism for myself.”
    So very true…

  3. Hello Texasjune,

    You asked me if you could link my blog to your site. I don’t see any problem with this.

    Mike at “mikespassingthoughts”

  4. June,

    What a lovely site you have created. I am extremely impressed with your art, and enjoy your thoughts and opinions. The kind words of encouragement you have for others is a breath of fresh air. Please keep up the exceptional work. I look forward to taking a little time each day to visit here, knowing I will be uplifted by your efforts.

    Thanks for you friendship!

  5. June,

    You are a a source of inspiration for me and I thank God for our connection! I am wonderfully blessed that the earth has you in it. I never know if our paths with cross physically but knowing you’re out there in my corner gives me much pleasure.

    You’re paintings are awesome!

    Be blessed!

    The Butterfly Journey – Lisa

  6. Nita Prince says:

    I am so glad that you have come into my life, I do share a lot of your opinions. I felt like we had known each other for a really long time, when we first met. I love all of your paintings that I have seen, you are a great painter. We share alot of the same interests. Hope you will adopt the cat, she is so pretty. Have a wonderful day.

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