Chaper 1 of ? (…just thoughts & notes…)

The bedroom on the front of the house was warm. With the windows rolled out wide, I sat on the sill with one leg outside to let my foot dangle and play with the hibiscus blossoms that had folded for the night. The street light on the corner played games with the shadows as occasionally a car would pass through the neighborhood. Everything was quiet as I took in the light breeze.

I’m thinking, what in the world am I going to do? We’ve got five kids in our family now. I look over at my three little brothers sound asleep on the bed and my heart melts. I’ll graduate from high school in a few short years. They’ll still be young, too young to leave. Mom needs help from me and my sister. She had to go to work to help support us all. Heather is younger than me, but she’s so beautiful, I know she’ll get married first.

Finally realizing it was getting very late and I had to get up early, I lay down on the little bed and tried to go to sleep.

Edited to add notes: (What can one expect, the idea of a book is scary, especially when I don’t know what I’m doing!)

[Jane was a naïve and shy kid. Her name was perfect to joke about – plain Jane, tall and skinny.

The sisters just two years apart, had their own separate friends and interests. Their greatest bond was they dearly loved their family. Neither girl knew what it was like to have her own bedroom or her own bed. No privacy at all. Actually, that was accepted as normal because it was just life in a large family.

Living in a family of seven, there wasn’t much time to look past school and church to know much of the outside world. A couple of local television stations were available and the standards for suitable broadcasts were set very high for content. Their evening news reports were scripted and somber, and delivered by an authoritative personality that was rarely questioned.

Her younger sister, Heather, had a cherub face with curly brown hair and large happy eyes that caught the attention of everyone that saw her. It was a rather average poor family in many ways for the time. Although they didn’t really feel poor, they just knew they didn’t have a lot of nice things others had.]


7 comments on “Chaper 1 of ? (…just thoughts & notes…)

  1. You have to keep going! I think it is an excellent start!

  2. Lafemmeroar says:

    It’s exciting to start a book full of characters from bits and pieces of people you know. Keep it going … the good thing about writing is that you can always edit. It’s easy to say of course, but worth the effort.

    • Texasjune says:

      I’m finding out that writing ‘on the fly’ is challenging my sense of managing the story, maintaining sentence structure and grammar! I’m actually getting nervous feeling like I’m on a treadmill. What a workout! Way different from writing a concise comment to someone. I’ll just have to ignore editing right now – hope you guys understand, but I would appreciate knowing when you notice a logic booboo! Don’t mind questions either, if I’m not clear on something…:) Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. magsx2 says:

    I totally agree with Randall, you have to continue now that you have started. 🙂

  4. Texasjune says:

    Thank you, Randall! This is a fiction novel I’ve been thinking about for almost a year! It seems I learn so much from so many people I meet, both in person and on the internet, there should be a way to put some of those things in a story context to show how they relate to real life – lives that might want to read another perspective. Have no idea if my writing is advanced enough for a book – but maybe….

  5. Randall says:

    It has to continue, you can’t leave us hanging.

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