To Deb’s Mom

For Deb's Mom

I hope you understand, I’m taking liberty with a photo that does not belong to me. Please do not commercial this photo without contacting the copyright owner. I feel the end justifies the means, because I need to send a message to Deb’s Mom and haven’t figured out another way to do it – how could I attach an image to a prayer. She can help Deb understand the missing petal in the sunflower.

Dear Deb’s Mom, I know you loved Deb with all your heart. That shows every day in Deb’s eyes and words as she cares for friends and strangers alike.

I know you suffered through challenges in life, because everyone does. On October 15th, you left us all. As you know, Deb worries that she could never see you enough. She worries that she could not attend your funeral. She feels heartache, and other emotions that humans feel when they cannot do something for ones they love.

Now it’s your time to do things you probably never imaged possible. Love has no boundaries. Reach out to Deb and gently hold her – talk to her, reassuring your eternal love. Stay close when she needs to feel your presence.

I know it’s crowded where you are, but if you perchance meet my mother Elizabeth – she’ll show you how to do it. Don’t worry, Deb doesn’t have to participate in meetings, machines, drugs, or regulations. The contacts are direct from you to her, and very private.


6 comments on “To Deb’s Mom

  1. rumpydog says:

    That was beautiful June. I’m adding my prayers for Deb.

  2. Debra says:

    Junie . . . I did make it to the funeral after all. Thank you so much for this tribute . . . it is very fitting.

    I awoke on the Monday after Mom died feeling unusually good, and within hours had booked a compassion-fare flight that accommodated all my needs, including a refund if I could not travel as hoped. My body waited until day three of my three day visit to pull the plug on it’s little “remission.” The day was indeed a celebration of a woman remembered by all to be a beautiful, happy and giving woman.

    Now I am trying to catch up on the rest I have not enjoyed since we first got the news . . .

    Again, June, thanks for your thoughtfulness . . .


  3. Beautiful tribute. It shows great sensitivity

    • Texasjune says:

      I thank all of you. There’s not much I can do in this world to alleviate emotional pain. Sharing what little I have discovered is all I can offer – hoping some of it will be found by someone that can find that comforting truth for themselves. In that light, I have expanded the tags. I appreciate your encouragement – it makes me feel that maybe sharing will be beneficial to someone, whether I know them or not.

  4. Very Beautiful and Thoughtful.

  5. Randall says:

    Very beautifully written.

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