The Stranger …

I visited Ducky today at He wrote a post titled, “Getting To Know People,” that brought back a memory for me from several years ago.

It was late afternoon, the store was quiet and a breeze was blowing through the big doors. An older stranger drove in, and turned off his truck. He just sat there looking straight ahead with his arm laying along the window frame. I approached his door but didn’t say anything. I glanced out to see what he was looking at. The pasture across the road had good grasses, trees, and cattle grazing slowly in the late afternoon sun.

His eyes were red and moist as he was trying to compose himself. He looked up at me –  I placed my hand on his forearm as he started to cry. When he began to sob as though his heart would break, I held him through the window like I would a child. When he could catch his breath, he said, “I didn’t even know what a prostate was. The doctor just told me I have prostate cancer and it doesn’t look good.” I prayed with him to ask God for mercy and peace.

We did not talk. When he was calm enough to drive, I handed him a cold bottle of water. He opened it and took a long drink. With a weak smile and a nod, he turned the key and slowly drove away down the road. I thought to myself, “He’ll be alright now.” I never saw him again.


6 comments on “The Stranger …

  1. Sometimes the kindness of strangers is what keeps us connected to the world. There was a reason you were there at the right time. It was your kindness and compassion that was needed…

  2. Texasjune says:

    The point I need to make from this event, and many that have happened to me over the years – there is spiritual life happening here that ties us together. I rarely participate in “good deeds.” These events happen without my conscious decision to do anything. One moment, I’m living my normal imperfect life – suddenly my perception of the pace of time changes, everything else fades away, and the next moment I’m doing something I don’t understand … never bad things though. Some events I find out why, others I never know. This is why I share – to discover if it happens to others. If there’s a credit to offer for any of this, please believe it is not due to me.

  3. Firstly thankyou for the mention but mainly this story is full of humanity and says much about you. I so hope that man is Ok. Doesn’t it just tell you how precious our days our. Bless you for being a good neighbour too him

  4. Randall says:

    You are a wonderful person, especially helping strangers.

  5. magsx2 says:

    It must be a real shock for someone to find out that they have cancer, so very, very sad.

  6. Your posts often have a poetry feel about them. Sort of “beauty in everyday life” kind of thing. Even the melancholic ones. Particularly the melancholic ones.

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