The Storage Shed – The Plan

I see it differently. When poor people had debt, rich people were “paper millionaires,” with liquidity at less than zero, the opportunity rose for the wealthy to write their own entitlement claim – and they did so in a big way. In their quest for even more power, they melded the wealthiest to buy Washington to control yet the Treasury. The quest for world dominance has been moving forward to decades. The twists and turns for them to gobble up some economies and excrete onto others has been phenomenal. The next steps will be most interesting, as they continue to divide and conquer, and use us like pawns playing on the weaknesses of our history. Open your eyes, my friends, you are being plated for dinner.


6 comments on “The Storage Shed – The Plan

  1. magsx2 says:

    Very well said.

  2. Do you think there will be any way we can hop off the plate before they gobble us up?

    • Texasjune says:

      Ha ha ha! Good visual! Yep, I do. Part of the solution is accepting less debt – but that isn’t possible for too many right now. I’m really thinking about it though!

  3. I used to work in the finance industry but in the end I felt it to be so full of Sh**te that I couldn’t take anymore. There are real clouds on the horizen in economic terms, but no one really knows how the storm will be played out.

  4. Randall says:

    As the old saying goes, “It is nice to be king.” And the golden rule, “He who owns the gold, makes the rules.” All of these apply to them I think. Well done article, love it.

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