What is a Consumer Sucker?

I really don’t like the sound of that name, BUT more and more I see that is exactly what we have become. It’s sad. With inflation of commercial transportation and the price of food (and everything else) – we’re becoming aware that we have less to spend, if we still have a job.

The only way I know to combat this trend from the home front, is to begin to say “No.”

“No, I decide where I spend the money I have.” I refuse to fall for your advertising again, only to discover you did not disclose enough to be truly honest about what you were offering.”

“No, I won’t buy a new one. You will repair the factory defect of the one I already bought.” If you want me to buy another washing machine, you will engineer them to last longer than three years. The old ones lasted fifteen to twenty years just fine. With millions using washing machines, you cannot get away with engineering obsolescence to increase unreasonable sales. What’s it doing to the environment in the junk yards? Not only that, quote a price I can afford. Just because I’m poor, doesn’t mean I don’t have to wash my clothes.

I admit to being a consumer sucker one time in recent history. I thought I would need one more computer that would last the rest of my life, because my old ones had lasted for many years. Reasonable, right? Yep, I ended up paying $2,000 for a laptop. Guess what? I thought I was smarter than that and should have known better. “Engineered Obsolescence” bit me in the butt!

That’s my experience – you got one? Have you been a Consumer Sucker?


12 comments on “What is a Consumer Sucker?

  1. I took some advertising classes in college a million years ago. I am so glad I did, it has saved me so much money!
    I think the advertising is so much more aggressive now. We’ve become a retail based economy instead of a manufacturing based economy and it shows.

  2. Old Jules says:

    Breaking the cycle’s a tough gig. But necessity’s the mother of invention and necessity might be coming down the pike for most of us. I do most of my buying used in thrift stores, but consumer competition in those stores is growing. Habits die hard though, and even thrift stores can have us buying what we don’t need. Great one to you June. Jules

  3. forageporage says:

    I had a similar lap-top experience. It croaked a month after the extended warantee expired. When I took it to be repaired they told me it would cost more than a new one, to fix it! So, I’m back to using an 11 year old desk-top!

    • Texasjune says:

      It’s amazing to me now how long those old desk-tops last! I’m still using one too that can’t even update programs. Fortunately, the program versions I had bought do not have bugs that need update!

  4. Thanks for your positive comments on my landscape paintings back on my own blog!

    I’ve been a consumer sucker a few times. Perhaps the item I hate the most is my current TV set. I bought it back in 2005 and it has nice picture and sound, but there’s one small problem – the set is “forgetful.” It’ll randomly lose the entire channel database for no good reason (requires 5 minutes of work to rebuild), and now it’s latest gag is forgetting my list of favorite channels, so I keep having to scroll through silly channels I never watch. This happens every time the set is turned off now. Not surprisingly, all of these problems showed up AFTER the warrenty period expired, and the set was soon discontinued! I could buy a new TV, but since I’m between jobs, it’s not a priority. Still, what a waste of money!

    • Texasjune says:

      I do love your landscapes! It’s to your talent they are beautiful and collector classy!
      All I expect from any purchase is fair customer service. I’ve been known to advise them that their product defect cost me $? and they can either be fair, or I am willing to invest the equal amount in “free advertising” of their problem, as I smile of course!

  5. I tend to hold on to products till they are more string and sellotape than original product but even I have had my moments of madness

  6. I am a complete consumer sucker! I get sucked into purchasing expensive under garments that promise the illusion of being thin! Never works…

    • Texasjune says:

      I found that out too! Have to admit, I’m a plus size grandma! I quit drooling over the plus-size catalogs. Has anyone noticed all those models are beautiful – heck, any of them would look great even in a burlap feed-sack dress!

  7. magsx2 says:

    You are spot on about the older products, they did last for many years. I was told a couple of years ago, that just about anything you buy today you will not get much past the 5 year mark. This is just not good enough I feel.

    • Texasjune says:

      With the shorter lifespan of many items, the extended-service contracts have gotten ridiculous too. Wait … you think they’re trying to appease as many consumer suckers as possible by transferring an expected manufacturers’ warranty to a third party, because they know the product won’t last? I do.

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