The Daydream

The Daydream

The wildflowers that spring were abundant – the cattle foraged as if they enjoyed the table decorated for them by mother nature. Fortunately, the wildflowers were going to seed at the same time forecasters promised rain – which was the perfect time to mow and free the pasture to concentrate on grasses for the summer ahead.

The tractor with the huge mower on the back offered no protection from the sun. I had been mowing almost three hours and the sun was getting higher and hotter. Finally found my next pass ended up next to the woods, so I shut it down, and walked my sweat and red face into the woods.

Under the trees I felt a slight breeze and it felt ten degrees cooler. Walking into the woods about fifty feet, my ears adapted to the absence of the engine noise that allowed the sound of wildlife to become a comforting hum.

I stood still in the middle of the path as my senses became acutely aware of the sunbeams shining through the treetops leaving bright areas on the ground among the shadows. I heard bees and other insects moving slowly as if in rhythm with soft music. Looking ahead down the path a black snake lay basking in the sun. Further down, a small jackrabbit slowly hopped across the path and disappeared in the brush. At the end of the path just before the turn, a doe raised her head from grazing to stand motionless, looking at me.

For too short a time, simultaneously I felt a high of spirit and of peace I wanted to never leave. Not just one thing was important because everything was. My awareness was encompassing everything around me. Suddenly I heard something stepping up behind me, and the rustling of leaves and small brittle branches that littered the area from the winter’s winds. I knew it belonged in our space and time, but the spell was broken. I turned around to welcome my two miniature donkeys that had come to find me. We walked side-by-side back to the pasture, and they watched as I climbed back on the tractor to finish my work.


4 comments on “The Daydream

  1. shoreacres says:

    What you describe here is what I enjoyed so much about The Place I used to visit – 23 undeveloped acres with a cabin between Kerrville and Medina. It was valley rather than hilltop, and far enough into the old Spicer Ranch that the only civilized noise I usually heard was heavy equipment working a road or someone getting out a chain saw.

    One day I thought to myself, “If I enjoy the peace and quiet so much, why get away to it? Why not create a little for myself?” Shortly after, I gave away the tv. Then I quit facebook. I’m working on it.

    Now, at night, I listen to the crickets, and the fish jumping. Sometimes, there’s a night heron squawking. It’s wonderful.

  2. Texasjune says:

    Thank you for visiting! I do love this place and feel very fortunate to have it!

  3. Wonderful description! It is amazing what we can experience when put down our chores for a while and walk the land freely.

  4. I think you captured the moment beautifully! It sounds like a beautiful break from the hustle of work.

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