“From the Sea”… another painting study

From the Sea

I read many lessons on portraits, and followed lessons by practicing  each feature,  trying to remember all the rules – measurements, iris size, proportion, color, lighting, shading, angles, perspective…..whew!

What I really rather do is get a clean canvas, mask off the general area smaller than what I think I need for the face, then let it dry (about one week). Then with brush and diluted paint, start shading in areas with base color, usually a muted shade of green. This is my “drawing.” From this stage, I add detail with color. My goal is not to paint a portrait. Have you seen the work of portrait artists? They are incredible – and I can’t do that! However, I can do what I love – watching a face on canvas slowly appear that is definitely a human presentation, but coming not from reality but from my mind. It’s difficult to describe, but I feel like I’m meeting a new person for the first time. Looking at it close up and from different distances and angles, I “see” things that reinforce human emotions and physical variations just as we are unique.

There is an abundance of art in this world. View it frequently, and find the perfect pieces that enhance your enjoyment of being alive. Looking at art is usually free! Your subscription to my post is not shared; I plan to continue to share my private work, and add to my Blogroll those artists that represent styles I think you might enjoy visiting. You are welcome to hang out with me! Hmm, think you could somehow help me feed the chickens! Naw, just a thought!


5 comments on ““From the Sea”… another painting study

  1. shoreacres says:

    My very first thought was, “She’s a Sylkie” – the creature from Celtic folklore who lives as a seal-become-human. Years ago Judy Collins popularized the song about the “Selkie” – you can find a lovely traditional version here.

    Now, here’s the funny part. While I was confirming the spellings of Sylkie, I ran across “Silkies” – a breed of chickens! Perhaps, in admiring your work, we are “feeding your chickens”. 😉

  2. This is beautiful; i really like her eyes, even though her gaze is a little creepy. Portraits don’t have to be ultra realistic to have human qualities, this speaks to me more than a photo realistic portrait does. Keep up the art!

  3. She does have a mermaid feel…I love the ocean it’s where I have my fondest memories 🙂

  4. Another lovely one. she has a mermaid like, ethereal feel to her. I’ve done a couple of portraits but I tend to over think them. I have Sanden’s “Portraits From Life”. I need to reread it, when I first bought it I don’t think I was at the stage or level of confidence for it to do me much good.

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