Influence vs Free Will …

Waiting for the Others

I would recommend that one be comfortable in his/her decision of what they believe they need. I respect their choice of how they claim their freedom. It’s obvious to most adults that all choices have consequences. This is not a negative thing. It’s a simple understanding of the processes of life that, by default, we cannot have everything during one lifetime – so that fact leaves us with freedom of choice. I believe we are here to live and learn. Others might not believe that. Past that, the details are up to us, and their implications will prove to each of us how difficult, painful, or simple, our life will or could be. It would not be beneficial for us to be given instructions at birth of how we should think and live. What would we learn? How could we consider it to be our life?

In that scenario, it is the influence of those around us when growing up and that continues throughout life. We can’t always choose those circumstances. If we are fortunate by fate, or the Grace of God, at some point we are exposed to the concept that we are not alone; there is a wisdom and love greater than ourselves. There is a source of strength when ours wanes.

On this, another drought day in Texas, with a few overhead clouds we still have 102 degrees baking the parched earth. I feel a responsibility to use water as wisely as I can, staring at my trees turning brown before their time. They get nothing but heat. All the water tables are down that provide the life-sustaining liquid we all need. My cattle with newborn calves lie quietly next to the barn under the huge oak trees strung with a soaker hose that comes on when the temperatures rises above 105.

I watch the television news of a large hurricane forcing its way up the East Coast headed to the largest population center in our country – and I pray they all are spared; and thank God for the challenges I face today.

What is it that explains how we respond to influence on our free will? What is it you cling to when you feel exhausted and lost – and another person cannot help.


2 comments on “Influence vs Free Will …

  1. judikruis says:

    Hi Texasjune – I saw your reply on LeRoy’s page this morning and wanted to learn more of your story. Prayers for His showers of peace and heavens to open to end this drought. It’s not always easy – and alone its hell – with Him there is hope. Bless you –

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