What would I do if money …

Over the years, I’ve read stories about the wealthy and the suddenly new wealthy. There appears to be a big difference between those. A variation is, the difference in behavior between those with “old money” vs “new money.”

I’ve often wondered how the abundance of money would change me, or my life – and asked myself, “If I did not have to worry about lack of money, what would I be doing today?” Also, “If I did not have to worry about the security of money I have, what would I be doing today?” Those are really two different questions.

Since, at my age, the chance of becoming wealthy is zero, I need to be more practical with my efforts to concentrate on protecting what I have. Retirement funds trusted to others have not weathered well. I wonder if there’s any safe place in our current economy to see a future improvement. Ideas are welcome – what advise would you give your parents, or grandparents?


7 comments on “What would I do if money …

  1. You guys are suffering from a serious drought and my heart goes out to you. It must be such a stressful time for your family. I think sometimes we take for granted the little things in life – what more do we need besides a strong family, food on the table, and a good life.

  2. Slamdunk says:

    I agree with your commenters–no appealing place for investments right now. Which is certainly sad.

  3. Susan says:

    I believe the safest place to put your trust is not in where to put your money BUT to whom you trust you money to. God knows all and sees all and if you place all your trust with Him, He will take care of you!

    Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good!

    • Texasjune says:

      That’s what I have found too. A personal relationship with our Heavenly Father is sometimes so difficult to explain by those that live it. I discovered a long time ago, other people do notice it, even when you say nothing at all. Oh my goodness, memories keep flooding back….thank you, Susan.

  4. I think the safest place for your money is in a treasure box hidden ten feet under ground πŸ™‚ Right now – the changing landscape of the economy it’s tough to decide what to do with your money. It also asks if you had all of that money, how would you want to live? Would it change or shape your values?

    • Texasjune says:

      Went to a family wedding last night. On the way home this morning I spotted a sign selling hay. Priced at $120 round bale – Limit 2! Last year, I could buy good high-protein grasses for $45. Their ‘hay’ consisted of scrap leftover from harvesting corn. Even cash will only go so far, if we don’t get rain soon.

      To answer your question. My extended family works hard to provide for those they love. If I had enough resources, none of them would ever have to worry about their basic needs being met.

      My obligation to my livestock (and the consumer who benefits from the food) and other critters would be less stressful to provide the food they need to stay healthy. I would be able to hire people to help me. To me, values aren’t something one takes on or off – the only reason our society works is there are enough people who care about that first. Among those are the poor, rich and wealthy. Personally, I don’t need “stuff” to make me happy – “neat, clean, and functional” is good enough for me most of the time!

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