A Private Life …

As everyone knows by now, Texas is in a severe drought. The affects are different for everyone depending on their exposure to the heat. With the additional pressure and worry many feel from the events with our financial sectors and Washington DC, it sometimes feels overwhelming.

I share my personal life here with you, because that really is my life’s most valuable and cherished space. I can’t fix the economy by myself. I don’t have the ability to explain the world to everyone, as I see it, even though I do try to contribute my ideas in the appropriate public spaces with others. I appreciate your visit, and you can count on what you find at my home. If you find a touch of relaxation when you are with me, it blesses my life as I share those same effects of trying to survive.

This morning, I felt renewed as I fed and watered the livestock I treasure. I know their offspring will end up on a dinner table somewhere, and I’m just one caregiver at the beginning of our food chain. Ask a hungry person if that’s important to them.

The process makes me feel I contribute something to help others. That’s a natural inner desire most people have. Everyone wants to feel useful, appreciated and respected; and there are many ways to make that happen. Please experience the best today possible.


2 comments on “A Private Life …

  1. I can only imagine the hardships many farms are facing with the drought and debt crisis. I feel family farms represent a part of North America when dreams were attainable and each day when you care for your livestock you are nourishing that dream. I wish you the best and hope for rain soon.

  2. magsx2 says:

    I have been reading about the terrible weather over there, I certainly hope it breaks for you all very soon, and you get some rain.

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