Don’t panic the stock market….

Please remember, every legitimate company on the stock exchanges are worth as much as they ever were. This immediate sell-off has absolutely nothing to do with their value.

Please do not panic.

The American economy is being hit with manipulation by those wanting to hurt us. Gold is not a standard, it is a commodity, being used to increase chaos. Take a deep breath and relax as much as you can, to ride this out.

Our markets are being hit by profit takers and short-sellers. That means, if events can be generated to scare investors into selling their stock making the market fall – the traders who have bought options will once again be able to strip our economy of billions of dollars by taking those losses as profit. Several years ago, their plan pulled off over one trillion dollars in one day. The American people were the victims.

Please, please, email this to everyone you know.
Calm down and don’t panic.


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