The Old New Chicken House

My Chicken Yard!

In July, a friend called and invited us over to “talk about something important.” They had decided to move to the big city. Turns out, the problem was they couldn’t take their brood with them! I have wanted laying hens for years, but always put it off because I thought I had enough to take care of. Well, evidently not – it was too appealing!
So, at 100+ degrees, my husband and a friend put up eight foot fencing for the new yard and used the old pasture donkey shed as the starting structure for their house. This is the status of it now. Okay, the fencing is very old and recycled – but it is very strong and they like it!
Today, at 113 degrees we had to run misters to cool them. Only one hen is laying during this heat wave, but they seem content to stay in the shade and eat! The new calves seem to hang out there a lot, as if they have their own private zoo. 🙂 Cattle are naturally very curious. Will be interesting when the weather cools a tad and the chickens can be let out for awhile during the day.
You noticed three roosters in there, didn’t you? Yep, surprisingly they each choose their own girlfriends back at their old home! As long as they behave, they’re welcome to stay. If not … I have a few good cookbooks; somebody will dine well. There’s no shortage of mouths to feed!


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