#20 Update…

#20 Update

Last week #20 stood under the shade tree to visit with her friend whose newborn calf lay napping. (That’s her standing on the left side.) I took the photo from inside the chicken yard so as not to disturb the baby. #20 is heavy bred, but her bag isn’t anywhere near ready to support the birth.
Late this afternoon I was making my feeding and water rounds to checkout the animals. I was sitting in the cart next to the one-hundred gallon tub while it filled from the well. She came over to the tub and took a long drink standing about five feet from me. I didn’t move, just talked to her. It was easy to inspect her up close. It was incredible to watch the calf move in her belly. Her structure is sound, good clean hooves, no scars, shiny coat.
When she finished drinking, she wiped her face with her tongue and stood watching staring at my eyes. Then she moved two steps closer, bending down to sniff my sandal-clad feet. I still did not move. With that, she quickly licked my toes and moved away slowly to return to the group.
This cow has to be miserable in the heat; it was 109 this afternoon. I worry about the small bag (the others were full before their delivery) and the calf already actively turning. She’s big enough to be carrying twins. I have to have faith that Mother Nature knows best. I’ve heard that some animals will naturally delay birth if the weather is too extreme for them. Since I don’t know for sure, I’ll call the vet’s office in the morning and ask. Hopefully, I’ll have good news in the next few days….


4 comments on “#20 Update…

  1. dgworley says:


    Even though the physical burden is on her I believe that #20 acknowledges that you are there for her. Her toe licking was obviously her stamp of approval of your presence. What is #20’s current status? Hoping for good news.

    • Texasjune says:

      I am very encouraged! This morning when I was feeding the chickens, #20 came around the barn and stood there watching me. She looked good and didn’t seem to have any concerns. Of course, I talked to her! I noticed her bag was mature and looked perfect, but not tight. I think she’s had her calf and it’s still in hiding. Just got through feeding the other cows tonight, she wasn’t with them. I have a feeling she’ll bring her calf from the woods in the morning. (It usually takes an average of three days.) When I see the new calf, I can finally relax! Thank for asking!

  2. I hope you have good news too.
    I like your blog. You write very well.

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