Texas Calving during Drought

My Girl #20

Okay, the secret is out – I like cattle! I’m not very good at painting them but I gave it my best shot. #20 is probably my favorite because she follows me around even when she’s not particularly hungry! Any day now, she’ll drop her first calf. Watching her mature the last two years, she’s turned into a beautiful big sweetheart.

As you can imagine, raising cattle is not cheap these days with the drought being the worst in many years. The price of hay and feed has gone through the roof – but what are you going to do after the investment of raising them? You can’t let them go hungry – you can’t take them to the sale barn as if they’re just so much heavy baggage. So, you find the money somehow and keep them where they belong.

I love living around a herd of cattle. Watching their social interaction is frequently amusing, bringing smiles of how similar they are to any other mother and offspring mammals. Two days ago, one of the new moms stood close to the house just bawling. I went outside to investigate the problem. Well, her little one had decided to go up the hill among the trees to nap. It was 109 degrees that day. Mom wasn’t interested in walking up the hill to nudge the little bull. My husband came over from the barn and walked up the hill to check him out. That little rascal was standing up, not the least interested in responding to his mom. When he saw my husband he decided it was time to slowly make his way to her. Under normal circumstances of weather the calves learn quickly they better answer when mama calls. When they were finally together again, I swear he was getting a lecture!

We desperately need a break in the weather – please pray for rain! Maybe tomorrow I’ll finally see #20’s first baby!


2 comments on “Texas Calving during Drought

  1. Nice painting! It can be really tricky to paint animals realistically, but you’ve done a great job at it.

  2. Nita Prince says:

    I really like your painting of your baby.

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