Red Roof Barn (original oil painting)

With still being on the student side of oil painting, it is thrilling to paint something appreciated by my spouse! When I showed it to him for the first time, his immediate response was “That one is mine – you cannot sell it!” That was an appreciated compliment. What’s funnier, I haven’t offered anything for sale since I switched from acrylic to oil. Just wanted to share my love for the country and especially Texas, even the memories which are definitely sweeter than working in an old barn today!


7 comments on “Red Roof Barn (original oil painting)

  1. Glory Corbett says:

    I like it so well, I’ve clicked a pic. of it on my phone and will be painting it soon as best I can. there will be tiny changes, of course, but you have a nice composition in this pic.

  2. I love how the barn and looks weathered and old as does the grass. Beautiful and excellent work.

  3. Wow – that is a beautiful barn! I love all the subtle details, too – the dried, wind-tossed grass, the nice structure to the bare trees. This one is a winner!

  4. Nita Prince says:

    If Don hadn’t said that he wanted this painting I would be after you to let me get it from you. I love it, what a beautiful painting. I LOVE IT.

    • Texasjune says:

      Thank you, Nita. It was funny because I think his mom was eying it too. Maybe nostalgia is alive and well – I know it is with me! It was a lot easier for me to paint it now, than it was for someone else to build so long ago!

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