Sunrise in Texas

Early Sunrise

What is your favorite time during twenty-four hours? Mine is the sunrise. It sets my senses for the whole day and influences my mental energy level. Maybe that’s the barometer of biologically diverse ‘day versus night’ people! To benefit most by my preference in time, I wish I would separate plans I need to do and those I want to do. On a gorgeous spring morning, I want the world to go away and leave me alone! I don’t want to think about anything else except taking in the beauty of the earth I can see, smell, touch and feel. For a short period, time is irrelevant as I simply exist and breathe. Universal energy revives my soul. The birds sing in agreement!

In those few minutes I feel love for the earth, for everyone and every critter alive. All too quickly this quiet connection is broken with the reality of the day ahead, and the responsibilities I must assume to be a member of our collective society. Sometimes I think the only way I survive at all is because of the Blessings of the Sunrise. If you share that feeling, you might send me a note. It’s a good thing for people to share where they find their strength, and how it makes their lives more fulfilled. Hope you have many wonderful days in your future.


One comment on “Sunrise in Texas

  1. Nita Prince says:

    I love the sunrise every morning to. I am a morning person, I love to watch the sun rise and hear the birds sing, What a wonderful time of the day.

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