Life is….

Rocks & Briers

Recently I was out walking with my camera. When the scene came into view, it spoke to me. I wonder if I see it differently than someone else might. It’s located on the edge of a rise in the land, with thick trees, rocks and brier vines. Some trees are young and fresh while others are dead or dying. Broken boulders and rocks litter the land up to the path. The sun-baked grazed grass abates the idea the area has been abandoned.

I find that life can be a lot like that scene. It’s difficult to witness life without seeing death. Many times each of us seek a path through the rocks in our life…or swear at the briers with every step we try to take.

With gratitude, just as I stood on the clear path that day to snap a photo, I have been fortunate to stand on the path of my life that I choose. It’s sometimes uphill and takes a lot of effort, or is too hot or too cold, but still my choice. If a wish could be granted today, I would wish that everyone always had a choice that worked for them.


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