Personal Beliefs

Some people may choose to believe what other people need to do. How does any individual’s belief affect any other persons competency to make wise choices? Why do individuals need to express a personal belief?
Think about it,  any of us could be affected if we were free from feeling the responsibility of sharing our personal beliefs. No longer would I feel obligated to advise:
…you might want to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle;
…you might want to wear a life jacket in the boat;
…you might want to practice safe sex to prevent either pregnancy or disease;
…you might want to drive under the posted speed limit because it could save your life or your money;

…you might want to be honest and not steal property from others  just because you can;
…you might want to save a little money to budget for care before getting pregnant;
…you might want to consider what impact your personal life will have on your profession or career;

…etc, etc.

All of the above personal beliefs imposed on others without a shred of commitment on our part. They are simply individual rights of choice. All people are quite capable of figuring everything out – and if they don’t, they fail themselves most of all. I wonder who wins the long game – individuals or society?


You are welcome to share what you think?

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