Debt …

Well, if it were possible for any party to be in lock-step on any issue – with the escalating debt being ignored while our government continues spending until the economy falls into dust – now is the time for it to happen. ‘Obstructionist’ can also be applied to people that refuse to accept the mandates of fiscal responsibility in directing an economic system.

Both political parties have been negligent in allowing the wealthy to create profit where none existed – and the poor to view that profit as proof of excess money that should be redistributed – both bastrating the use of destructive debt, as they aid and abet each other.

Maybe I’m totally wasting my time. I mean, could be … others just think an economy just happens. Each will either win or lose – an economy cannot be manipulated – what on earth for? Basing every event on a perceived racism or political bias is much easier …. oh my, that does sound enticing – and doesn’t require much thought or imagination of finding a workable solution to my view that we actually have a real problem.

Think how you use debt. Would you want your government to have the same problems?


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