Unionized Business Model

From an outside viewpoint, the SEIU has just one goal – uniting the service workers in growing a union to make the union leaders more wealthy – thereby exercising their support of the Democrat Party. It’s not about opportunity for ‘the people.’ If the rights of the people were the goal, the concept practiced in Texas called ‘right to work’ would support the best of both Democrat and Republican – in other words, the rights of people to apply for, be hired, and perform under requirements of the job; without paying a monthly fee to yet another ‘collective’. Many keep saying they want freedom – why would they want any group to control their employment opportunities? Reckon it’s obvious I’ve never worked under a union contract. Heck, just having government control of industries is difficult enough. I reject union control over government just as I reject religious control over government. Neither makes subverted votes any more palatable.


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